New Lab for Wheeljack


He simply nods in a ‘you’re welcome’ sort of manner. 

Starscream watches Wheeljack as he moves around the lab while he himslef continues to lean on a tabletop with his arms crossed over his chassis. 

"My plans? Well, first of all, I need to make  sure there are no more conflicts between factions on the planet." Even though..most were practically separated outside of the planet, which put him in charge of the Decepticons. So complicated.. "Get it cities rebuilt to more manageable living styles.And put those in housing." 

"Also advancements in technology could potentially help us along the way with the restoration. I know this will take time but I have all the time in the world now, without interference.” Looking over at Wheeljack, “Do you have any input or problem?” 

“I will help in any way I can, Starscream. For the sake of Cybertron and my debt to you.”

Still examining the lab, the engineer froze in place at something he spotted in the back.  Starscream wouldn’t…Moving slowly closer, Wheeljack turned to cross his arms at the seeker.

“I am aware you saved my life and I am grateful, but did you really need to put that in here.”

Wheeljack was of course referencing the CR chamber in the back of the lab. The very familiar CR chamber.

New Lab for Wheeljack


Starscream was awaiting in the lab with his arms crossed behind his back as he awaited for the mech to arrive and soon enough he hears driving just outside. Turning around, he leans against a table and awaits for him to enter.

"Here is the new lab I promised. Will this suffice your liking?" He states simply as his wings flicker on his back.

Looks around the lab with curious optics, something was familiar about this place.

“It’s more than I expected, thank you, Starscream.”

Walking around the large lab, Wheeljack wondered who this used to belong too.  “What are the plans for Cybertron now?”

New Lab for Wheeljack


After being busy in trying to get Iacon together again, he almost forgot one of his ‘promises’ so to say. Starscream transforms and goes to one of the new laboratories that was located not too far from his location. It was bigger than Wheeljack’s old one for sure. He did promise a bigger one. And starts to clear the area by using his frame to move slabs of debris away.

Once the clearing is away, he walks inside to find any unwanted debris located in there and getting those out too. Why was he doing all of this dirty work? Not like him but whatever, Wheeljack had saved his life and he was returning that favor.

Finishing with the insides, Starscream stands outside looking at it. “Mm.” Setting his comm up, he decides to contact Wheeljack.

»Wheeljack. You know that lab I told you about? Well, its ready and I’m sending you the coordinates.« Pings them to him.

»On my way, Starscream.«

Wheeljack didn’t expect a new lab so quickly, not when Cybertron was in need of so much repair work. Maybe Starscream had a plan for him, put the engineers skills to good use.

Transforming, Wheeljack drove to the location and skidded to a halt just outside his new lab. Well, Starscream wasn’t lying when he said a bigger lab. Time to go greet and thank his new leader.


"I’ll do what I can. I, uhh…" Wheeljack has retained no memories, so he must not recall the fact that the twins had recently taken sick. “I just got over being, uhh, kinda dead so everything from here is gravy, I guess.”

For his part, Eject is still feeling a little shell-shocked from how easy and quickly he’d lost a friend. This isn’t the first time someone important to him has disappeared (and it won’t, sadly, be the last), and the little mech is beginning to wonder when it will happen again. 

He will be here for Wheeljack should the engineer need him, but Eject has just grown a shade warier with his affections.

“Dying is not a pleasant experience. As morbid as this sounds, I hope yours was less violent than mine.”

Hopefully less painful too, the engineer still had a pounding helm ache after being shot.  After that everything is a blur, at least Cybertron is safe at least. Just needs a little rebuilding.

“You are a strong bot, Eject. I’m sure we will become close again over time. Or I might get my memories back, stranger things have happened.”

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